BOYS AND GIRLS – The Love of Life.
In a starry night We never had a fight He said, “I love cars She replied its dolls that What I care We solemnly listened to our heart’s call to remove gender bias, Prejudices, stereotype that is all No matter a boy or May be a girl We danced in a trance as the children of God With a gentle swirl.
Mrs Sisila Choudhury T.G.T (Social Science)





In this world filled with adjustment Each and everyday.
I feel I'm being judged, For what I do and say.
I remember back to my girlhood, And play days with barbie and at the parks.
When I was not worried about  Other people's observation.
Now from people's observation, My life have been changed.
Now looking on the mirror,  I feel surprised.
A completely changed person, Staring in my eyes.
The childish little girl has changed, Which can be seen in her eyes.
 By-SOHAGI SAMADARSHI                                                                          Class-9-d

The inspiring life of kalam

The inspiring life of kalam
A great soul of science He is not with us now Left us with guilty hearts Leaving us with the photographs Journey starting from Rameswaram Studies from Arab school The Great President of India A Science Lover too. What a loving mother he was Always he was there in her heart The missile man of India he was What a great personality he has Starting from wings of fire Traveling with winds A vision of India 2020 Still whistling through our minds A multi faceted personality A humanist as well An excellent writer A Genial hearted person as well.

Shushree Pattniak Class IX-B
Moments of my life Souaray Mishra                 Class –VIII-D

Wake up at 6.00 O’clock, Nothing to be happy and nothing to rock, Brush your teeth and take a bath, How cold is water the bath tub hath, Go to school, Why not to swimming pool? Shhh, Don’t tell mama, Study hard, Till you become mad (even sad)! Do well in exams Score 99.9999% But amidst all the misery. 4-6 is the best time spent…. Playing with friends and peers, Lots of games and cheers. The most memorable times. The best part of my life, But, enjoy every second of your life, Make every second, a moment of your life

Boys and Girls-The love of life



Come here underneath the rain-drenched tree

where I stand with my feet in muddy flood waters

but head in the clouds, as leaves keep dripping

in rhyme, to fill sapless souls with the music of rain,

and birds with wet plumes, from invisible nests

send out throatful songs to relieve some ancient pain;

clouds roving in the sky form pictures of fulfillment

as they rush like ambulances to save dying patients

in distant parched valleys of disgust and discontent

where it aches to unleash for life, hope’s new torrents;

come, enjoy blue slices of bliss amidst the grey clouds

and white swans waddling across heaven’s dark shrouds;

there are thousand miseries for us marooned in floods

yet a couple of stars to bless life pining in the muds !

Samikshya Nayak

“Jailed for Five Minutes”



A ‘Blue Whale’ dwells in the deep web-sea that loves to drink blood of the stupid teens like spider sucking from foolish, webbed bee; glued to tabs, laptops, addicted to the mobile these rootless youth, i


Like a bread without the spreading Like a pudding without sauce Like a mattress without a bedding Like a cart without a horse Like a door without a latchstring Like a fence without a stile Like a dry and barren cheek Is the face, without a smile!
Like a house without dooryard Like a yard without flower Like a clock without mainspring That will never tell the hour A thing that sort and makes you feel A hunger all the while Oh, the saddest sight that ever was Is a face without a smile!
The face of man was built for smiles, And thereby he is blest
Above the critters of the field The birds and all the rest; He’s just a little lover Then the angels in the skies And the reason is that he can smile Therein his glory lies!